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The Team

Who We Are


Kayle Bui


Kayle Bui is the President and Founder for 100 Ways, a local non-profit. She is passionate about making a positive impact through financial stewardship, as she brings over 16 years of accounting experience to her role in the non-profit sector. She is dedicated to fostering positive change and leveraging her financial expertise to support meaningful causes. Her journey in the non-profit sector is fueled by a profound commitment to social impact. With her financial acumen, she can be a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and transparently to drive meaningful outcomes. She is passionate about supporting others in their growth and development.

Archie C. McArthur III


Archie has been in the human services field since 1997 and part of the nonprofit, New Vista since 2005. He serves as its Executive Director since 2014. Archie has worked with troubled youth/teens, mental health, and people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities. The majority of his career has been working with IDD/MH individuals.  Archie is an Army Veteran, PSI-Seminars Graduate, active Prince Hall Mason since 1994, and Shriner, since 1995 as well as a Community Activist and Organizer. Archie has led and implemented volunteer programs throughout the Las Vegas community since 2000. “Empowering and growing through love.”

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Alonzo Rutherford

Executive Director

Alonzo Rutherford is a native Of Las Vegas,Nevada by way of Omaha Nebraska. He is a husband of 1 and father of five beautiful children. He’s enjoyed two decades of marriage, and is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has worked with the ID/ DD/ TBI community for the last 17 yrs. He sat as the founder / operator of Ruahh Llc from 2013- 2015, working with at risk youth and their families. He also been involved in various community outreach efforts. Alonzo currently works with New Vista (for the last 6yrs) in a mid level management position wherein he oversees the coordination of care for youth with ID/DD. He aims to serve and service the underserved through care and consistency.

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